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Definitions of domestic violence

Note - A person experiencing domestic violence.

Just look at them. Wow. Just. Blood boilingly sickening.

Full not biased at all list can be found here

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tagged as: domestic violence. Misandry. Sexism. Abuse. Feminism. Just to show them that if misandry doesn't exist what the hell is this?.
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    "Having sex with her when she doesn’t want it" "Refusing to have sex with her" Uh
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    Should see the deluth model if you feel like ramming your head into a brick wall, they say that women are only ever...
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    But anything you do to HIM is totally fine.
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    True, true. But still. This is a painfully sexist and contradictory list. And if you look at the full list there are...
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    that too. the sexual abuse side gets it right in that it uses key words like “enforces” or “forces,” implying lack of...
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    Wait Wait Wait. Why hasn’t anyone pointed out that “refusing to have sex with her” is on this list. What the fuck is...
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    Actually, the OP is an egalitarian. She just felt like sharing the gem. Hence for the rather sarcastic “Full not biased...
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    Did the Original poster get this from the lifetime website? Be afraid women. Men will beat you. No where you can hide...
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    Word to all of the above. Also like to say that Queer as Folk showed at least one really fucked up emotionally abusive...
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    I think what they mean by “enforcing” is “nonconsensually”. I mean, a lot of these things are common in kink—hitting,...

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